Imagine a feast of flavors while walking through the center of Rome. Enjoy this original itinerant lunch or dinner, which allows you to get to know the Eternal City and eat delicious food at the same time.

Accompanied by a local expert, get to know establishments that are part of the history of the city, go unnoticed by tourists and have been awarded by the most prestigious gastronomic critics. In them, you will be delighted with their specialties and great Italian wines.

We will take you to an authentic "cheese boutique" and you will be able to appreciate the difference in taste between cow, goat and sheep cheeses, but if your forte is sausages, get ready! You will visit a centenary store, which offers 100% handmade products, a real delight!

Pizza? Of course, Roman style, and you will know how it differs from Neapolitan pizza. Pasta? The most typical one, in a restaurant in front of a famous piazza and with a good glass of wine, while you learn about traditional recipes and the differences between osteria, trattoria and ristorante.

Get to know the city and its typical dishes, eat like a DOC Roman and take away all the tips on where and what to eat in Rome.

* Vegetarian and non-alcoholic versions available.

* Let us know if you are allergic or intolerant to any type of food.

* Come prepared for a delicious meal, you will enjoy: 2 Roman specialties, cheese tasting (3 types), cold meats tasting, typical pasta in a restaurant in front of a famous square, gelato, 3 glasses of wine, beer tasting and water. 

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Ingreso principal del Teatro Marcello/Piazza Navona


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We are Roma Gastronomica and we take you to the heart of the Eternal City while you enjoy the best gastronomy of the city. During the tour we ma...

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Conoce la ciudad y come delicioso al mismo tiempo

Durante el tour visitas las zonas de Campo de' Fiori, Barrio Judío y Piazza Navona, mientras disfrutas de: 2 especialidades romanas, degustación de quesos (3 tipos), degustación de embutidos (9 tipos), pasta frente a  y una famosa plaza, gelato, 3 copas de vino, degustación de cerveza y agua.

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