We would all like to drive an expensive car or on a big highway but not all of us have this opportunity.

On this tour we drive with few rules and we are sure to enjoy it more than in any other car.

The so-called Buggies are open vehicles that give the opportunity to see everything around, so the driver can enjoy the whole panorama of the area to be traveled, in this case the countryside or rural area. 

The road is rustic and this is what makes it exciting, dry or wet from the rain anyway it is enjoyable although better if it is raining so we get totally muddy living a moment without hygiene control until we are completely covered, we are still muddy and so we have contact with mother earth in a real way.

It is a half day adventure with several options of schedules through small communities where participants have the opportunity to appreciate the elements of nature and the lifestyle of that place because it has some similarity with the Jeep Safari but in this case everyone drives their own car. There is no one who says they don't like it and here we apply the famous phrase that says GOOD AND BRIEF IS GOOD TWICE. So come and fill yourself with mud and fun and drive on wheels without restriction.

Time to be defined

What to bring?
Disposable clothing preferably, bathing suits, sunglasses, hat, towel, tennis shoes or sandals, sunscreen, camera, money for shopping, photos and tips and good humor ....
Price per person:
  • Double Buggie : 42 US
  • Single Buggie : 75 US.
  • Motorcycle 4x4 Double : 42 US
  • Motorcycle 4x4 Single : 75 US.
  • Terracross Double : 62 US.
  • Single Terracross : 98 U.S.
  • Family Buggy : 46 US
  • Children pay 32 US in all options
    • Transportation from the hotel to the ranch and back to the hotel.
    • Water, soft drink and snack.


Buggies - Pure Adventure

This is an ADVENTURE!!! This type of activity offers us the opportunity to drive a motor vehicle with certain freedoms and pleasure.

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  • Offer until:

    14/08/2021 US$75.00
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