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We are a web portal owned by the advertising agency Xposting-Service, an international company of marketing, digital and printed promotion, inaugurated on March 01, 2009. Our headquarters are located in the city of Hamburg in northern Germany.

Our vision is oriented towards companies that wish to present their products and services in several languages by means of a digital and printed promotion alternative. Leveraging on the demand for tourism currently generated (among others) in Latin American countries and in order to be reliable sources for tourists visiting these destinations, we have given ourselves the task of verifying that what is offered in magazines or websites alluding to tourism is really what you are offering and not simply misleading offers that "just pretend" to get customers. In this way we seek to guarantee the customer full satisfaction for their investment, this can only be achieved by being very truthful with the information we show in our promotional media.

For this reason the team of Xposting-Service and Travelposting through its advertising campaign: "try and recommend", invites you to be an active part of this promotion. The great advantage that this proposal will provide you directly by your participation, is the growth both in money and in its prestige and reputation.

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