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We are pleased to present our digital and printed magazine dedicated to the tourism sector. Together with our group of journalists we bring you a different vision about the Latin American continent and what happens in it, so we are sure that our publications will be to your liking.

Our vision goes beyond taking you a good report of tourist destinations, one of the main objectives of our company is to be able to help educational institutions, associations and theaters with social participation that require our help, so by acquiring one of our advertising spaces, not only will be promoting Latin America and part of Europe specifically in Germany where we have our headquarters, but will be contributing to these associations that do not have resources can be promoted. goes out every two months in digital format and four times a year in printed form, we send a monthly newsletter to our 15,000 subscribers and our journalists who forward this information in their own network of friends internationally.

Travelposting is available in German, English and Spanish. We currently distribute in Hamburg 1,500 printed copies which have a wide reach, especially in: clinics, fitness, Spa, Latin supermarkets, restaurants and hairdressers where we know that German assists with affinity to Latin America.

Our advantages:
- Bilingual (German / Spanish / English)
- Pleasant reading thanks to the 3D effect
- Newspaper reports
- Specific travel destinations
- Support for social projects in various countries


You can download the Conditions of Contract and our Digital Magazine

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